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Part 1 – Facebook

To have personalized graphics standards
Often an image is a lot more powerful than a long speech, thus do not deprive you, take advantage and exploit every visual space Facebook offers you.
Cover photo, publications, miniature or profile picture, the purpose is to optimize your visual contents.
If you do not have the soul of an artist, the best is to use your logo to create the identity of your page. Also, it is possible to amuse you with the writings fonts, the color codes or still the layout. But attention, it is essential to respect your graphics standards.

Speak about it
Your brand has probably already certain fame before the launch of your Facebook page. Take advantage of it, announce a coming fan page on the other communication channels: packaging, web site, POS advertising, flyers…

Organizing and planning your contents
To have a good quality of contents is essential if you wish to have fans.
Facebook provides you with a tool to program your contents. This will allow you to think of your messages, to prepare them and to schedule the publications.

Remain alert
Interactivity and reactivity; those are the main expectations of the Internet users.
In order to be aware of what happens on your Facebook page, it is important to set up a system of notifications.
Luckily, Facebook’s teams developed an application, Facebook Pages. This app will allow you to manage your page from your mobile phone but also to be informed about your notifications in real time.

Follow your instinct
To begin a Facebook page is not an easy thing, you will make mistakes! But to err is human, the most important is to accept them, to learn the lessons, and to improve.
You will gradually learn about knowing your community, its expectations and its desires.
Try not to cut the corners but start, do it!

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