Par Olivier Bagdassarian

In the past a salesman had to believe in his product and be able to present it to his customers. Now this is not enough. Then, what to do to be a good salesperson? Nowadays, it is necessary to have or to develop certain competences and particular features.


To be an educator

With the market evolution, the tensions linked to the competition and Internet; the function of sale has definitively entered  a new age.

We live in a world of information. The one who wins is the one who possesses the information. The seller must be capable of providing the information. The costumers need to know everything before taking their decisions. They need advice. By being under pressure, they don’t have much time to learn.

The only solution for a salesman is to pay attention to the meeting with his costumers, and constantly learn new methods and tricks from them,  which he has to rapidly note. By developing new approaches of the profession, he will be more competent for his customers.

Particularity marriage: ” the customer looks for perfection for the day of her marriage, she does not necessarily know the constraints which that day imposes, you can guide her in the choice of the right gown according to what she has planned for the big day “

A personal adviser and a friend

The moment in which the salesperson was speaking about his product the entire time, has definitively passed. Now is the customer who speaks. The seller is the one who listens.

The low range seems to attack all the levels of production. The customer now goes after the non-quality which is treated mercilessly.

Today, few people have time to think. The salesman has acquired the role of an adviser. Thus, he has to listen and to analyze in order to advise his customer. His attention is VITAL.
The work represents more than one third of our lives. Friends are at work. What your customers are lacking the most at the moment it is the true and sincere communication which allows them to settle down and to focus on. They have to be able of making decisions as they could do it with a friend.

Particularity marriage: “you are the most important person after her future husband, the one who will make of this day a memorable one, your customers must be able to trust you”


The third quality of a good commercial / salesperson: he is a recognized expert
A salesman who is not an expert recognized by his customers must rapidly find his added value.
” A saleswoman that I had trained had specialized in sizing. Before being a saleswoman, she had been a textile engineer. She knew the constraints of fabrics and their application perfectly. She became an inexhaustible information center on the garment typologies to recommend according to morphologies. The advices that she was providing to her costumers were listened and appreciated, as well by her colleagues. Useless to tell you that she made many sales. “

A salesperson can lose a lot of time trying to sell without efficiency. Being an expert is essential to sell better. By becoming a recognized expert, the seller “does not sell” but he advises.

He is an excellent teammate

At the shop, he is part of a team.  Customers became more and more demanding in their modes of operation. The pressure derived by the economic environment became too strong to leave place to inefficiency.

The seller is more than never the ambassador of the shop. When his company fails in satisfying its customers, it is he who has failed. If he makes the mistake of saying that is the company’s fault or of such or such a person’s fault, but never his, then his days with his customer are numbered.
The seller is now the drive belt between the shop and his costumers. He must be able to modify both to obtain an agreement between these two entities in order to obtain the best mutual development. Besides being part of his company, he is also part of his customer’s company.
” Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Henry Ford

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