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The distribution universe of the wedding products finds its specificity in the only use of the product. A mistake at the choice is not a possibility because it is the MOST important, or at least one of the most important days of her life. What a responsibility for the sales-woman. 

Let’s talk about the first stage of the sale: The welcome. How do we captivate the customers from the first contact?


– They are more and more demanding, to surprise them and to retain them is a constant challenge
– The act of purchase is before any a matter of emotions and pleasure, it is thus the desire that we can arouse in them, which triggers the need.

– It is the trust that you inspire to your customer by your professionalism, your attention, your smile and your passion for the product, which will make him decide to purchase

– In this world of virtual communication, the customers look for the contact and certain “human warmth”
– The pleasure is the mainspring, for them and their femininity, or pleasing their partner on this very important day.


What the customers like:

To talk quickly without saying too much

To hear the new convictions

To understand that you are their main advantage

To know the three strong arguments
What the customers do not like

An expert sales-woman who presents too many models

An adviser who asks too many questions

An adviser who does not understand the expectations of her customer

An adviser who does not know her brands neither her company

Have learnt nothing
Get ready to sell

The advantages:

– To know how to combine techniques and pleasure

– To recognize her customer

– An operational know-how

– To know how to react at every moment

– Be motivated and confident

– A differentiated knowledge
The sale’s mission

Excellent welcome

– Feminine clothes

– Positive Attitude

– Great merchandising

– Smile and dynamism

– Active attention

– Availability

– To use a professional language
Knowledge of the bridal products

– Mastery of collections

– Mastery of merchandising

– After-sales service


The different kinds of approach

– Direct: “How may I help you?”

– Indirect: Hi, if you need anything do not hesitate I am at your service”

-Commercial: “Hi, we have a 30 % discount on all the articles with a red point”

-None: Not a hello, nothing

– Professional: Say hi, and then let the customer feel a product with his hands or his eyes

Get ready to welcome

The right attitudes:
– I wear feminine clothes in coherence with the bridal universe

– I smile naturally because I take pleasure in my job

– I am 100 % focused on my customers, no task is more important

– By being dynamic I cause enthusiasm between my customers
– I am professional by the mastery of my knowledge in the products and my stock
– I created a real connection with my customer because I know how to listen her and to meet her expectations
– I am fascinated by my job and my products, because it is by passion that I give what differentiates me from other shops
– I know how to be close to my customers while maintaining the required distance for the exercise of my sales-job
Get in touch with the customers thanks to the “4×20” rule
20 first steps

It is difficult, but it is mandatory to take into account what the customer has lived before arriving in our shop. At his entry it is necessary to try, without prejudice to see whom we have to talk, if she is in a hurry, under stress or rather relaxed.
20 first feet
The entry of the customer to the shop allows her to see immediately, the state of the store and to feel the atmospheric change between the aggressive outside and the quieter inside of the store. I do not attack my customer from her entry, a distant but clear “hi” not to frighten her and let her acknowledge the place.
The first 20 seconds
Allow her to feel the atmosphere, to relax and to realize of the collection. I have a positive and smiling attitude, I do not remain inactive or in talk with my colleague. By my attitude I am in the capacity of changing my interlocutor’s choice.
The first 20 words
The first words that you are going to pronounce are very important. You do not necessarily know your customer and the tone or the words that you are going to use become essential. They will be decisive for the relation-ship continuation and will decide or not the purchase.

How to create your approach sentence
Some rules:

· I greet 100 % of the customer who enter in my shop
· I do not attack the customer either verbally or by my attitude
· I stop any activity (merchandising, cleaning, etc). If we are on the phone, you greet the customer and ask her to wait a few moments
· I let the customer the time to settle
· Definitely not to ask any questions either open or close but rather to begin a conversation.


“The shop will be as welcoming as the seller. So we must be happy to be there and to go out of it only reluctantly. “

Olivier Bagdassarian, spécialiste des réseaux de distribution, directeur des opérations et du développement chez MOA et Valège, consultant auprès des réseaux retail nationaux et internationaux. Mon expérience de plus 20 années dans ce domaine m’a permis de former et d’accompagner de nombreuses équipes de ventes en magasin et leurs managers.
(Contact : o.bagdassarian@yahoo.com)

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