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The particular nature of the wedding sector is found in the one-off nature of the sale of a single product, for a single client, for a specific day. This distinctiveness must therefore be taken into account and presentation and pitches need to be adapted accordingly. The salesperson is therefore an important and determining element, because as a rule, the main driver of sales for clients is the confidence they have in the seller.

You have been selling successfully for a long time, you know the techniques of questioning, pitching, responding to queries, closing… But you know well that this is not always enough to make even more sales…

The best salespeople know how to adapt their pitch, they know how to recognise the difference between a client visiting after a recommendation and a completely new client. To excel in all situations and faced with all types of clients, I advise you to adopt a flexible model and to adapt your techniques and behaviour to the needs of your client! A SMILING CHAMELEON in short!


During a round of visits to shops of the brand I was running at that time, a woman approached me and asked me who I was, I replied that I was the brand manager. And what did she say? “Sorry but I’m looking for Christine, I need some real advice!”

“In sales we are very focused on the first 10 seconds. But we shouldn’t forget that we can undo everything in the last five minutes.” Your natural and sincere “good afternoon” is decisive, it makes the client ready to listen, or not.

Today the question to ask yourself is: what is your client looking for? The response: human qualities and knowledge.




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Be honest with your client
Give them what you have promise them, not a lower quality product or service. Sales are based on confidence. If you know that your product isn’t right for your client, then tell them that.
The advice: “Always ask for your client’s approval at every stage.”



Tell the truth
If you have made a mistake, admit it. As we say: “A fault confessed is half redressed.” If you don’t know something, admit it. No one will trust someone who is trying to hide the truth.
When you promise something, provide it, even if you have to move heaven and earth to do it.

The advice: “Check in advance that your promises are realistic, in terms of stock, deadline, etc. …”


Be sincere and interested in your client
You should want to offer them your services, to help them, to make their life or their decision easier. Revenue and commissions will come automatically if your client is your priority.
The advice: “Be yourself! Genuine! The client will appreciate it.”

The best salespeople are passionate … they enjoy their job, they like to talk to people, to understand their clients, they are passionate about their products, they are convinced of the value and usefulness of them. This enthusiasm is one of their greatest strengths.
The advice: “A little coffee, a short jog, a thought for your next trip, and on with the day.”




Know your products, their characteristics, their advantages, what they offer, etc… Know your market, the competition, the different offers, the sectors related to your field.
The advice: “Read specialist publications, visit social media platforms and follow bloggers in your sector.”

Create a tailored sales pitch or if you have one already, study it until you know it perfectly. Know and practice the stages of a sale. Learn the best approaches for your sector, develop them, test them, improve them.
The advice: “Whatever you do, avoid the “hello, how can I help you?” Personalise your pitch to bring it life.”



Become an expert in your sector. . Train, study, listen, research, learn, visit. You should get to the stage where you can quickly give a reliable opinion on any situation related to your profession. This is how you will become a recognised expert in your field and your clients will do your promotion for you.
The advice: “Don’t hesitate to visit the competition, study the behaviour of the salespeople, the merchandising, the environment and the clients’ attitude.”


Sales isn’t a job, it’s a passion!


Olivier Bagdassarian, spécialiste des réseaux de distribution, directeur des opérations et du développement chez MOA et Valège, consultant auprès des réseaux retail nationaux et internationaux. Mon expérience de plus 20 années dans ce domaine m’a permis de former et d’accompagner de nombreuses équipes de ventes en magasin et leurs managers. 
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