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At the first two issues of WAT, you realized that to develop your activity it was necessary to have a presence on the social networks, but you do not know how to do it? WAT gives you the steps to create your Facebook page.

The Internet users use Facebook to have fun, to find information or just to spend their time. So having an active presence on this social network is a real advantage for your company. You can not miss it!
What is it for ? Your Facebook page will allow you to announce your products, to promote them and to introduce the latest of your shop.
Follow the following steps and you will be on a par with our friend Zuckerberg!

Step by step!

Click on this link: and select the field of activity of your Enterprise.


Fill all the information possible, it will allow the users to find you more easily, but also to obtain most possible information about your activity.


Complete the information section, it is necessary to be very precise in your texts, give as many details as possible to avoid frustration to the user looking for information about you !


Choose a profile picture
Careful, we are talking about the first contact you will have with your audience, it is necessary to choose it well !
It is preferable to put your logo rather than a photo of the store for example.
You will have the opportunity to show your shop on the cover picture.


Parameterize your audience

Whom is your activity addressed? What geographical area? What age? Man or Woman? And finally the interests of your clientele.


Now, you have nothing else but clicking on SAVING!


Obviously, we are not leaving you alone, in Wed And Trends’s next issue, we will tell you all our little secrets to maintain your Facebook page.
And if you do dare, contact us to make us part of your story !

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